Pull Out Your Snowshoes for Fulufjället National Park

Fulufjället National Park

Fulufjället National Park is one of Sweden’s gorgeous winter wonderland national parks. Located on the western side of the country, Fulufjället has so much to see. From spectacular waterfalls to the oldest tree in the world, you’ll be immersed in nature’s best! In our Fulufjället National Park Guide and podcast episode, we’ll help you navigate through planning a trip, best times to visit, summer and winter activities, wildlife, and more. 

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National Parks in Sweden

There are 4,000 nature reserves and 13 national parks in Sweden. Actually, Sweden was the first European country to establish national parks in 1909. Sweden employs the right of public access, which allows you to roam freely throughout the land. Therefore, you don’t need to register or pay for any national parks in the country. 

Fulufjället National Park 

Fulufjället is located in the west of Sweden, next to the Norwegian border. It continues into Norway as well. It’s around a 5 ½ hour drive from Stockholm. It’s a newer national park established in 2002 and became a protected area to protect a southern mountain region. There are no reindeer in this area, so the hills are covered in thick lichen (moss). 

Planning Your Trip to Fulufjället

Planning for your trip to Fulufjället in advance is always a good idea, especially if you want to see landscapes such as Sweden’s highest waterfall and oldest tree in the world – which are both located in the park. A stop at the park is a great idea for any road trip in Sweden. If you want to have an entire day to hike and see the waterfall, you should plan a couple of days and nights there. 

The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency has created a website dedicated to all of Sweden’s national parks, which is a fantastic tool to use for planning your visit. And depending on what time of year you will visit, it’s important to know about the weather and hiking conditions before heading off. 

When is the Best Time to Visit Fulufjället National Park?

If you prefer to visit during the warm weather and want to visit during the summer, July would be the best month to visit. The temperatures can reach up to 30°C (86°F), so it’s a great time for pleasant weather. 

During the winter months, there will be a lot of snow with very cold temperatures (-22°C). For winter lovers, this is the ultimate winter wonderland park to visit. 

What to See at Fulufjället National Park?

There are a few must-see sights to see while visiting Fulufjället National Park, including: 

  • Njupeskär:  Sweden’s highest waterfall is 93 meters high with incredible views. Seeing the waterfall in the summer is beautiful, but seeing it in the winter with its frozen waters is simply spectacular! This is the top sight to see in Fulufjället. 
  • Old Tjikko: Researchers have discovered that there is a pine spruce tree that is 9,565 years old, making it the oldest tree in the world. It’s a must-see inside the park. 

Is Fulufjället a Family-Friendly National Park?

The park, itself, is extremely big, and there are several family-friendly trails inside the park to take. The two that are best for families are 3km (1.86miles) and 5km (3miles) long. There are also other trails more strenuous (15-20km) that are suited more toward serious hikers. Some of the hiking can be challenging with young ones, especially with the extreme cold, but the trails are flat and easy. 

Hiking Tips

If you’re going to hike in the winter, you really need good winter shoes and clothing to prepare for the cold weather. Bring lots of snacks, water, and again – warm clothing. 

There is one more difficult hike behind the waterfall, but for the most part, the hikes are flat and don’t require any special equipment. There are also trails that are accessible for strollers/wheelchairs and young hikers. 

Wildlife at Fulufjället National Park

In the winter, it is quite cold so you probably won’t see any wildlife. But, in the warmer weather, you might see elk, bears, wolves, lemming, falcons, and more. There are a lot of birds in the park – owls, eagles, falcons, etc, so it’s a great place for bird watchers. And there is a variety of fish in the waters to discover.  

Wild camping is allowed inside of Sweden, but it’s recommended to check with the park before pitching your tent. Vandrarhems (Swedish hostels) are quite popular accommodations to stay at in Sweden that come with a kitchen, living room, showers, and sauna which is quite typical for this region. 

Do Not Miss Moment at Fulufjället

Seeing the waterfall is definitely the number one do not miss moment in the park. It is so impressive and incredible to hike to and see and should be at the top of everyone’s list to visit.

Favorite Story 

“Because of the winter visit, we thought we had enough warm clothing and shoes for the hike, but as soon as we arrived at the waterfall, an icy-cold wind blew in. Our son started to cry and said he was freezing and wanted to go home. So we turned back and found a mountain hut with a warm fire inside and warm him up. After warming up and eating lots of snacks, he was so happy. The funny thing is that several weeks later, he always wanted to play “hiking to the waterfall”. He really enjoyed his hike – even after freezing in the cold.” – Erika 

Final Tips for Fulufjället National Park

  • Don’t be afraid to visit national parks or hike during wintertime – it can be a great winter experience. 
  • Make sure to visit the Visitors Center – they have lots of great information about the park 
  • Everything is available in English, and all Swedish people speak English
  • Sweden is a very safe country to visit 
  • And there are several thousand nature reserves in Sweden, so if you can’t make it to a national park, there is nature all around to visit. 
Fulufjället National Park in the Winter

Erika is Hungarian, originally from Transylvania, and now living in Sweden. Erika and her family are adventure travelers who love hiking in the mountains, walking through forests, and chasing waterfalls. They document all their travels on their Instagram page – @globetrotter__family

National Trippers Podcast

Did you know we also have a podcast all about Fulufjället National Park? Get ready for even more awesomeness of this incredible National Park!

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